Multiplayer video games

Multiplayer video games

Video games have provided decades worth of the most nostalgic social conduits for severalgenerations growing up in arcades around America and indeed the entire world. Since the hitarcade title pac-man was released in 1982 gamers have wor!ed together to create newpro”lem solving strategies…

It would be accurate to describe these original pc gamers as being the only ones to occupy a true “third space” as previously described, being “at” neither work nor home.  It brings me very little surprise to report that personal computer gaming was the first technology platform to allow for virtual worlds and deep socialization when required. 

Robert Fancher

Internet systems have accelerated speeds to a critical point which allows for gamers, whether by personal computer or video game console alike, to access online matchmaking networks for immediate gameplay.

The internet will continue to connect gamers around the world. I can tell you that much for certain.  I can promise you that software development teams will continue to push the hardware to its limits.  Young males will likely remain the key demographic in online gaming only in the strictest sense (not counting games on facebook, for instance) where the female population has a marked numerical majority.  Soon, there will be more girl gamers than guys.  What a day!

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