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College, University of Texas @ Austin

Master’s of Arts (Critical Media Studies) [2012]

Bachelor’s of Science (Radio-TV-Film) [2006]

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The Beginning

I grew up in Sugarland, Texas. As a baby I was baptized by my grandfather, the reverend Carroll Fancher of the United Methodist Church.  Now I’m 33 years old.  I live in Dallas, Texas.    I was interested in sports as a young man so I joined the football team.  I played varsity football at Lake Highlands High School (Richardson ISD).   My position was strong-side defensive tackle.  My favorite subject in school was English class.  I made a PC Gaming/ LAN Party club in high school that was cutting edge. We encouraged students to put together parties for computer gaming. I graduated from Lake Highlands High School in May of 2002.



I attended Richland College during the 02-03 school year as a college freshman. I kept applying to UT-Austin and was finally accepted after freshman year. My sophomore year began as a transfer student at the University of Texas. I was immediately drawn to the RTF (Radio-TV-Film) department in the Communication College.  I studied topics like movie production, video editing, graphic design, and critical media theory. I worked with several student organizations including 91.7fm KVRX student radio, KV-R student TV, and the ACTLab.   The radio station was the first organization at the university that I joined. I was particularly excited about the mantra at KVRX, which is “none of the hits all of the time”. We only played independent music available from underground artists who you can’t hear on MTV.   Working with another student named Neal Ballard, we hosted a show called The Chill Zone.

During Summer in both 2005 and 2006 I had the opportunity to work on an internship for an organization within Radio-TV-Film called ACTLab.  We created a copyleft video streaming platform that we named ACTLab TV.  Copyleft means open distribution  I finished college at the University of Texas in 2006.

Grad School

I began Master’s candidacy in Fall of 2010 at UT grad school.  My focus was on social networks, weak ties, new media, digital production, and internet gaming studies.  I wrote a paper about E-health and the way that patients leverage the internet for their own care.  Another essay that I authored was on the topic of video games vs. war games and the way that the US government uses digital simulations to train modern soldiers.  Some of my favorite authors from graduate school include Robert Putnam, Malcom Gladwell, Nan Lin, and Lawrence Lessig.

Thesis/Original Research

I took particular interest in the way that social affinity groups form within a larger culture of participants.  I found that Electronic Dance Music (EDM) culture as captured in a popular online message board was a good opportunity for me to study the way that users in a web community interact with each other on the internet as well as in real life.  My own thesis research, titled ‘Club Texas’, measures participatory culture and social capital in a web site called DallasDanceMusic.com that was used as a local guide for Electronic Dance Music culture from its launch in 1999 until its end in 2015.   I completed my own original research in 2012 to finish Masters of Arts in 2012. I have never felt so proud in my life as when I finished grad school and walked across the stage to the applause from my parents and my grandparents.


My favorite sports team is the Dallas Mavericks. My guilty pleasure is decadent mexican food. I like enchiladas a lot and I just live for cheese queso dipping sauce.  In my high school yearbook, friends described me as the witty sarcastic guy. On my bucket list includes items like: Travel to Europe, go skydiving, own a boat, drive a race car.


During 2016, I was working at a digital ad agency called Commercial Ideas..  I managed several Google Adwords accounts for the firm as well as handle analytics duties for web sites and social networking accounts.  I used software like Google Analytics to track numbers on web platforms.  For the social media accounts managed by our company, I took advantage of analytics suites built into Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram.

Current Volunteer

I am volunteering with several different organizations in Dallas. Mothers Against Drunk Drivers has me working as a victim impact speaker. At the Best Buy Teen Tech center, from Dallas Parks and Recreation, I am helping youth to do creative projects with video, audio, and computers.  There is an organization called Computers for the Blind where I am building and refurbing donated computer systems that provided to low vision users.  Finally, I have done work with People Fund.  I am working on web design projects and helping companies that qualify for the help.